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After the MWC 2020 cancellation join us at the amazing IoT Stars during the MWC 2021.
Meet the IoT experts coming to Barcelona at the 6th edition of the best event for Internet of Things people during the MWC in Barcelona.
The most innovative IoT people attending the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. Meet us at the beautiful Antiga Fàbrica Estrella Damm in Barcelona on Monday, March 1st, 2021 (from 6:30PM). It’s a unique opportunity to meet and network with C-level industry leaders, entrepreneurs, designers, developers, investors, press & media working in the Internet of Things (IoT) ecosystem.
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IoT Stars is a unique event for IoT experts and companies.  The top Internet of Things experts coming to the MWC will be discussing about the future of the IoT, connectivity, business models and more. Connect to a C-level audience of entrepreneurs, developers, designers, investors, industry players, press and media working in the Internet of Things (IoT) ecosystem.

Furthermore the top-notch IoT startups at the MWC pitch at the IoT Stars event. They are judged (online) and selected by an international expert jury. 5 companies will be selected to pitch on stage at the IoT Stars event. On average +100 global IoT companies apply to pitch.

Below is a selection of success stories of companies who presented during the last 5 editions of the IoT Stars MWC event:


  • Avegant raises $24M in Series B round
  • Vayyar Imaging Launches Globally; Announces $22M Series B Funding Led by Walden Riverwood
  • Berlin’s Contentful raises $13 million, opening San Francisco office
  • Cybersecurity startup Bastille rings up $9M from Bessemer, Noonan
  • Sentiance Raises $5.2 million in Series B Financing Round Led by Samsung Catalyst Fund
  • Imagimob raises SEK 3 million
  • Austrian smart lock maker Nuki raises €2 million seed round
  • Omnio was selected at the Techstars IoT at NYC 2017.


  •, the company writing the code for the DAO raised an equivalent of $120m in digital currency
  • Minut raises $238,366 on kickstarter
  • Youmo raises €177,412 on kickstarter
  • Leeluu raises succesfully €55,412 EUR on Indiegogo
  • Smart Shower Device Startup Bwareit to Be First Crowdfunded Campaign on Unilever Foundry Ideas Platform
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We are gathering some top global influencers for some inspiring talks, insightful panel discussions and startup pitches offering you a glimpse into the future of the Internet of Things, its current trends, opportunities and challenges.

If you want to meet up to most influential people in the IoT world, you can’t miss the IoT Stars Networking event.

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Organised by Marc Pous (thethings.iO and IoT Meetup Barcelona) and Rudy De Waele (shift 2020), the organisers have an extensive experience with setting up events globally and during MWC including IoT Shifts, Mobile Sunday, IoT Meetup, AppCircus, Mobile Monday and Mobile Premier Award events

+ 20.000 mailing-list subscribers interested in IoT. Sustained reach of +5 M/month through our social media networks (shift 2020 blog, IoT BCN Meetup Community & social media channels building up towards the event.

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Which one will change the world? Send us your comments on twitter @iotstars

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Meet the amazing IoT Stars MWC jury (more TBC)

[vncp_speakers_box photo_size=”md” hide_socials=”hide-socials”][vncp_speaker_bio name=”Rob Tiffany” position=”VP IoT US @ Ericsson” photo=”3007″ linkedin_url=””][/vncp_speaker_bio][vncp_speaker_bio name=”Helena Torras” position=”Serial Entrepreneur & Investor” photo=”3068″ linkedin_url=”” twitter_url=””][/vncp_speaker_bio][vncp_speaker_bio name=”Wienke Giezeman” position=”CEO The Things Industries” photo=”3025″ linkedin_url=”” website_url=”” twitter_url=””][/vncp_speaker_bio][vncp_speaker_bio name=”Jewell Sparks” position=”IoT Accelerator ” photo=”3014″ linkedin_url=”” twitter_url=””][/vncp_speaker_bio][vncp_speaker_bio name=”Leonard Lee” position=”Humanitarian Futurist” photo=”3064″ linkedin_url=””][/vncp_speaker_bio][vncp_speaker_bio name=”Jaume Rey” position=”MD NEXIONA” photo=”3066″ website_url=”http://” twitter_url=”” linkedin_url=””][/vncp_speaker_bio][/vncp_speakers_box]
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Early Bird tickets are sold out, you can buy your Standard tickets until February 15th.


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check our previous IoT Stars photos

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These awesome companies support IoT Stars

Organization partners

Media partners

IoT Barcelona meetup community


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