Anastasia Emmanuel

Anastasia Emmanuel

Anastasia Emmanuel is ​General Manager EMEI of BORN, a global online platform to Discover, Finance and Celebrate beautiful new products in technology, lifestyle and homeware.

Anastasia is responsible for ​overseeing product, sales and marketing, taking customer feedback and helping build the most intuitive, effective product for SME’s to showcase and launch their new products, as well as creating an engaging, curated experience for backers to discover and fund amazing new products. Anastasia also leads the crowdfunding growth for BORN across the EMEI region.

Anastasia has been immersed in the ​European ​start-up community for the past 6 years, predominantly within technology, online content and crowdfunding. Her most recent experience was as Indiegogo’s Director of Europe, leading crowdfunding growth within Europe in hardware and technology. She was the face of the brand in Europe speaking regularly at tech conferences and to the media including Sky News, CNBC, BBC and more. Anastasia has previously run new media agency; Newspepper, which produced online content for clients such as BBC, PayPal, CH4, and The Guardian as well as many smaller start-ups. ​She was also a well known technology reporter for leading UK technology website Tech City News, for which she host​ed ​a weekly tech​ and investment​ ​video ​news roundup. She has​ strong experience​ ​producing ​content ​, in ​​online marketing and business development at numerous start-ups, including Publicate which she co-founded.

​Anastasia is​ passionate about bringing products to market in the leanest, smartest, fastest way; through ​crowdfunding. ​She ​is in love with physical products and interested in the lean methodology of approaching product launch. She is fascinated by technology​ and believes that great design can solves problems​, inspire​ ​change ​and ​ultimately improve the way we live.

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